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About Reese Spykerman

Hi, I’m Reese Spyk­er­man, a design­er who helps busi­ness­es under­stand that good design is more than how you look: it’s how well that design works to improve your bot­tom line and rela­tion­ship with cus­tomers.

I cre­at­ed my first web­site back when peo­ple thought the Inter­net was for weirdos (I have an uncle who poked fun at the first tele­vi­sion ads with urls in them by singsong­ing, “” Joke’s on him: he’s now addict­ed to Face­book).

Back when I start­ed, peo­ple dialed into to the Inter­net with a lit­tle AOL flop­py disc that sound­ed like fin­ger­nails on a chalk­board as it did its dig­i­tal hand­shake.

Today I con­sult with busi­ness­es who under­stand that the right design equals hap­pi­er cus­tomers, an engaged audi­ence, and mon­ey in the bank.

I went to col­lege for jour­nal­ism and planned to fol­low it with a law degree. Both of these paths appealed to my ana­lyt­i­cal brain, but my cre­ative, curi­ous brain was starved.

My first job after grad­u­a­tion was with an inde­pen­dent book pub­lish­er and the biggest les­son I got from that job is I didn’t want a job. I didn’t want to live my life as an employ­ee and I didn’t want to work a typ­i­cal big law work week.

My dab­bling in design evolved into tak­ing post-grad­u­ate design cours­es and design­ing blogs and print­ed mate­ri­als for oth­ers. This was in the days of the blog gold rush, before every­one had a web­site but when per­son­al blogs were emerg­ing as a sign of major cul­tur­al change.

Small busi­ness­es hired me to do their web­sites, and around 2007, Chris Guille­beau con­tact­ed me to redesign his blog, The Art of Non-Con­for­mi­ty. The web­site redesign and sub­se­quent cov­er design for his first book helped both of our busi­ness­es grow.  You can still see some of my design work for him with his free guides A Brief Guide to World Dom­i­na­tion and 279 Days to Overnight Suc­cess.

I’m for­tu­nate to col­lab­o­rate in long-term part­ner­ship with author Bernadette Jiwa on her book cov­er designs and var­i­ous web­sites.

Today most of my work time is spent con­sult­ing, where I help empow­er peo­ple to make informed deci­sions that take their web­sites from so-so to “our rev­enue after the design changes went from 3k to 15k a month.”

As an entre­pre­neur, I live and breathe my busi­ness. But when I’m not con­sult­ing or doing design, I like vis­it­ing Lake Michi­gan, farm­ers mar­kets, and binge-watch­ing decent sci­ence fic­tion tele­vi­sion (12 Mon­keys holds the top spot, fol­lowed by Per­son of Inter­est) with my hus­band.

I’m an intro­vert who breaks out into ran­dom Danc­ing Banana moves giv­en just the right song. I live in North­ern Michi­gan, where I was born and raised. I spent 15 years abroad, in Cana­da and Malaysia, and liv­ing in oth­er coun­tries was the most mean­ing­ful thing I did to shape my per­spec­tive on peo­ple, the world, and design.