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Design assessments

The Comprehensive Analysis

Your design could be working more effectively for you. Get a specific, detailed analysis and plan for improvement for your whole website. Amplify your existing design for better results.

Please read Client Policies before purchasing The Comprehensive Analysis. After purchasing, you'll receive a questionnaire to get the process started. If you have questions, please email

The Comprehensive Analysis improves the clarity of your website design for maximum impact

  • We look at your website (or other campaign) as a whole and identify the strengths of your presentation, and the places where it causes confusion.


  • We prioritize protecting your reputation and leveraging what you’ve already built: changes are suggested with careful consideration.


  • We look for design opportunities to improve customer affinity and brand loyalty.


  • We offer purposeful design strategy that balances efficiency with change: we’ll leverage what you've already built and give you tweaks to offer maximum impact and ROI.



1. Collaborative Strategy

You know your business—its back story, goals, and key initiatives. Our work together will be collaborative, and I’ll be a design guardian who helps you further enhance and grow what you’ve already built.

Our process begins with a questionnaire, followed up with an initial phone call. I’ll listen to your story and your challenges, and then we’ll discuss your market: what your customers want, how your business or movement helps make their lives better, and what you’ve done up until now to connect with customers through your design and marketing.

2. Big Picture Design Analysis

Your website or campaign will undergo a careful, thorough design analysis for key design qualities including:

  • Cohesiveness & consistency
  • Clarity
  • Balance
  • Hierarchy and contrast

CUSTOMER EMPATHY: We’ll look closely at the emotional appeal, usability, and trustworthiness of your design as a whole, and identify areas that may cause confusion and overwhelm.

Your design may have clutter and noise that contribute to a loss of trust in your customers. These areas are where you may be losing people and missing opportunities, and they can be improved with the written plan you receive.

3. Purposeful Design Direction

An analysis of your design is useful, especially if you love data, but it’s only as good as careful plan for expansion and change. You’ll also get a clear roadmap with a checklist of:

  • Top 5 key design areas to expand on your strengths
  • Top 5 design elements to eliminate to reduce confusion and improve clarity
  • Visual examples of businesses who do design well, and who can serve as a inspirational reference for your design improvements.

4. In-Depth Follow Through

We will have an one-hour follow-up phone call, post analysis, for you to ask for clarification and gain a deeper perspective on what your design currently communicates, and how you can help calibrate it for a more trusted connection with your customers. You’ll get a perspective on how to think like a designer, and how to apply design thinking and empathy to your future initiatives.

Should you need ongoing support, a follow-up review of your implementations can be purchased, and for businesses in need of ongoing design advising, I offer quarterly and yearly consulting.


This review package is especially relevant for you if you’ve been in business for several years and need a fresh set of eyes on key pieces. To be specific, this is a design review of a major part of your business, such as your website in its entirety, or your packaging/print branding, or your messaging and positioning (for example, for a new service/product launch, or for a political campaign).

The Comprehensive Analysis is for people who understand there is no one single perfect solution to any given problem but who value the perspective and advice of an experienced guide.

You need or expect the solutions or design executions to be done for you. The Comprehensive Analysis does not include any design work: it is an analytical report and business advising. You’ll need a designer or team to execute the recommendations.

Invest in a Comprehensive Analysis

After you submit payment, you’ll be directed to a questionnaire so I can learn about you and your business. After I review your questionnaire, I will contact you with a information on scheduling our initial phone call.

You’ll find The Comprehensive Analysis is an objective, experienced perspective on your business, its story, and its design. You’ll get concrete advice to help elevate what you or your stakeholders have spent years building. Together we can help strengthen that foundation and improve connections with your customers. You’ll get pro tweaks to your design that build trust, make you look better, and improve your results.

Investment: $9,500

“Reese has a unique ability to understand and solve complex design problems with solutions that align perfectly with her client’s needs and vision. She is an expert at asking the right questions, and answering them with skill and talent that runs parallel to many top creatives.”


Please read Client Policies before purchasing The Comprehensive Analysis. After purchasing, you’ll be directed to a questionnaire about your business. If you have questions, please email

  • The Comprehensive Analysis initial phone call will be scheduled within 8 business days of your purchase.
  • The post-analysis follow-up phone call must be scheduled within two weeks of receipt of the written analysis.
  • Once you have paid for The Comprehensive Analysis, I’ve reviewed your questionnaire and we’ve talked in our initial phone call, your purchase is non-refundable.
  • In the rare event your questionnaire and/or initial phone call indicates your business is not a good fit for The Comprehensive Analysis, I will contact you and refund your money before any further work is done. If appropriate, I’ll recommend another of my services that may be more relevant for your business.
  • Phone calls are booked between the hours of 1pm-5pm EST (Eastern Standard Time, which is New York City time). If you are in Europe, Asia or the Australia region, we will find a time that works for both of us.
  • If you must cancel and reschedule your call time, please notify me 72 hours ahead of time, as the time is being held for you and late cancellations will not be rescheduled or refunded.

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