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Conversion strategies for your e-commerce website

Contact Reese Spykerman

You take your business (but not yourself) seriously. Let‘s talk.

Do you need trusted feedback on your current designs? How about a clear road map on how to rework them so customers really get you and are more likely to trust you and buy from you?

We help you with that—and more—including design strategy and business consulting for entrepreneurs and corporations.

Have you been burned in the past by designers or agencies who didn’t deliver what they say they would or weren’t upfront about pricing? (We, too, are vexed that some designers just ghost their clients without delivering the goods).

We spell out what you can expect, what we need from you, our turnaround times, and any possible issues that may impact your timeline.

We’ve done this for 20 years, for people like branding & marketing savant Bernadette Jiwa, the fine folks at the USA bag company TOM BIHN, and international corporations like Assa Abloy and Penguin Books.

You get a drama-free experience with us. When you need reassurance and guidance (and a design with a little bit of heart and soul), we deliver. Are you kind, respectful of our time, and understand design is important...but you’re stuck on where to go next? You sound like the kind of person we love to work with.

“ much will this cost me if I want you to DO the design work?”

If you need us to execute design (we do it for you) for your next book cover, website, or product, we offer designs starting at $2500 for a book cover or single website landing page. Most medium-sized website redesigns start at $7,000.

If your budget is smaller and you need help with your design or marketing questions, have a look at the 15-minute Quick Call.

Contact Reese Spykerman

You take your business (but not yourself) seriously. Let‘s talk.

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