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Design Consulting

15-minute Quick Call
with Reese Spykerman

Get fast design advice on your project so you can move forward with confidence.

Today you have a near-unlimited number of choices, options, software solutions and services to help you save money and do DIY design.

But sometimes you want a designer to give everything a brief once over, or have run into a design or business problem that you want an informed opinion on. Maybe another designer created you something and you want a second set of eyes, or you need some diplomatic advice on how to navigate giving constructive and helpful feedback to your designer.

In a Quick Call with me, you’ll leverage my 15 years of experience as a designer and business strategist. If this sounds like something that could help, send me a note so I can first make sure your needs and question are a good fit for a Quick Call.

Examples of questions that work well in a Quick Call:

  • I made this promotional graphic for my Instagram feed. Could you give it a quick look and recommend any design adjustments?
  • I’m pretty comfortable in WordPress. Can you point me to plugins and software that work well for me to do DIY design without tanking my website speed?
  • Can you recommend a second font to go with the font I’m using in this design?
  • Im building a website for my restaurant. Do you have a template you can recommend?
  • My website was last updated in 2002, and I don’t know what is most important to update it for today. What should be my biggest focus?
  • My designer’s first mockup isn’t quite what anticipated. What kind of feedback can help us move this project forward?
  • I’m a designer and need a second set of eyes on this graphic I made for my client. Can you look at it and give some brief feedback?
  • I bought an ebook template and used my own color scheme. Can you review the color palette I created and let me know if the colors work?


Who is a GOOD FIT for a Quick Call?

  • You have one design or small business-related question you need answered so you can progress with your project.
  • You’re a small business owner who feels empowered to do things yourself but you want a bit of insight to help you move on with your next step.
  • You’re working with a designer or other consultant and value a second, confidential opinion.
  • You are considering hiring me for comprehensive consulting or design work and want to see how I approach a small issue before we work together on a bigger project.


Who is NOT a good fit for a Quick Call?

  • You have a whole website or branding project you need reviewed. (I have services for that, and you could have a small part of your site reviewed in a Quick Call to see if you want to move ahead with a comprehensive review.)
  • You’re overwhelmed by technology and where to go next with your business and don't have a very specific question or issue you need addressed in a succinct and efficient manner.
  • You have a highly technical programming question (like “How do I program this database in WordPress?” or “My website is throwing up this error and I don’t know how to fix it.”). My primary expertise is in front-end design.
  • You want to have multiple people meet/talk on the phone with me.


What’s next?

  • Use the form on this page to contact me and briefly describe your Quick Call question.
  • I’ll review it and make sure it's an area where I can help.
  • I’ll email you to arrange payment and schedule our call.
  • We’ll talk for 15 minutes at the scheduled time (I’ll call you). Calls are scheduled from 10:30 am-5pm EST.


What’s the cost?

$75 for 15 minutes, paid by PayPal (accepts credit cards). Please read the Quick Call policies.


Quick Call Contact Form

“Reese’s wisdom saves websites.”


Book Your Quick Call

If you contacted me and we agreed a Quick Call is a good fit for you, use the below button to pay for your call. After you’ve paid, you will be redirected to my calendar to book your time.

  • SCOPE OF QUICK CALL SERVICE: Reese Spykerman will provide one 15-minute phone call to discuss design or business issues per the information you provide in the Quick Call contact form.
  • The call must be completed within 30 days of payment/purchase or the call is forfeited.
  • You agree to provide all necessary information requested by me so that I can give you informed advice in our Quick Call.
  • You are responsible for all design and business decisions and are under no obligation to follow the advice given to you in our Quick Call.
  • I do not make guarantees regarding specific performance, outcomes or financial success.
  • Any changes or advice I recommend in our Quick Call are your responsible to implement.
  • Quick Call sessions are booked between the hours of 10:30am-5pm EST (Eastern time, which is New York City time).
  • If you must cancel and reschedule your call time, please notify me 72 hours ahead of time,  as the time is being held for you and late cancellations will not be rescheduled or refunded.
  • Our call and anything you share with me is confidential.

If we discuss the designs of someone else you hired, I highly recommend that any feedback you give your designer, after our call, is framed as feedback solely from you. This is to help foster a continued positive working relationship between you and your designer.

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