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Design assessments

The Targeted Assessment

Clear away the design clut­ter that caus­es con­fu­sion. Cre­ate con­nec­tions with your cus­tomers.

Please read Client Poli­cies before pur­chas­ing The Tar­get­ed Assess­ment. After pur­chas­ing, you’ll be direct­ed to a page with more infor­ma­tion and a ques­tion­naire about your busi­ness. If you have ques­tions, please email

Why invest in The Targeted Assessment?

1. You’ve built a key component of your business, but you need to know whether your design is trusted and understood.

You’ve spent time, mon­ey and resources on devel­op­ing a prod­uct or ser­vice you believe peo­ple want and need.,

Along the way, you find your­self won­der­ing, “Will peo­ple get this and under­stand how it works for them? Does it real­ly meet them where they are? Is the design and val­ue of this offer clear?”

These are the kinds of ques­tions I field every day as a design advi­sor to busi­ness­es.

Do you strug­gle to objec­tive­ly see how your busi­ness offer­ing comes across? With The Tar­get­ed Assess­ment, you’ll learn the lan­guage of design and how to use it to help cre­ate clear and com­pelling offers.

Togeth­er, we’ll ana­lyze where your design might cre­ate con­fu­sion for your cus­tomers. We’ll find places to uti­lize design prin­ci­ples and tac­tics that can cre­ate bet­ter emo­tion­al con­nec­tions and that can help build trust.

When you want to know how your busi­ness offer­ing is seen and expe­ri­enced, and dis­cuss whether that is HOW you want to come across, I can help. In this process, you’ll receive ideas and sug­ges­tions for design cal­i­bra­tions that can change the tone and tenor of how peo­ple expe­ri­ence your prod­uct, ser­vice, or offer.

With thought­ful design deci­sions, you can improve your results through bet­ter con­nec­tions with your audi­ence.

2. The Targeted Assessment includes an analytical report on:

  • The 3 pri­ma­ry emo­tions your offer trig­gers
  • The 3 pri­ma­ry val­ues your offer com­mu­ni­cates
  • If rel­e­vant, 3 – 5 com­po­nents or aspects that cre­ate con­fu­sion, stress or uncer­tain­ty.
  • After I send your report, we’ll sched­ule a 30-minute phone call between us so I can lis­ten to your goals and chal­lenges. You’ll get more clar­i­ty about the find­ings of The Tar­get­ed Assess­ment. We’ll dis­cuss if the find­ings of your Tar­get­ed Assess­ment report are in align­ment with those goals and your intend­ed market’s needs and val­ues.
  • A week after our call, you’ll get a check­list of sug­gest­ed adjust­ments to the design of your offer.These will be as spe­cif­ic and clear, such as,
    -“switch your font to one of these oth­er fonts because it will be more rel­e­vant to your mar­ket” or
    -“reduce the amount of items in this area of the pack­ag­ing” or
    -“add a safe­ty infor­ma­tion box to this spot.”

3. What if your design is already clear and compelling?

If your design and offer already hits the mark or comes close to it, you’ll get val­i­da­tion so you can pro­ceed with con­fi­dence. You’ll also get a list of 3 – 5 design or con­tent tweaks to help fur­ther lever­age the strengths of your offer.

4. The Targeted Assessment is ideal for these types of offerings:

  • The home page of your web­site
  • A sin­gle web­site land­ing or sales page
  • The pack­age design of one of your prod­ucts
  • The analy­sis of 5 – 7 ads of a social media dig­i­tal ad cam­paign
  • Your brand­ing in print form (busi­ness card, let­ter­head, and one oth­er com­po­nent such as a two-sided post­card)
  • Your book cov­er design (front, back, and inte­ri­or)

(For more in-depth, broad report (e.g. your web­site as a whole, your ecom­merce check-out user expe­ri­ence), see The Com­pre­hen­sive Analy­sis.)

Busi­ness own­ers and cor­po­ra­tions who need an expe­ri­enced out­side design eye to ana­lyze a key area of the busi­ness (e.g. a web­site home or sin­gle land­ing page, book cov­er design, dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing ads).

You’ve been in busi­ness for less than 18 months.

You need an assess­ment of your entire web­site or large-scale brand­ing cam­paign. The Com­pre­hen­sive Analy­sis ser­vice offers a more a more in-depth report.


Improve your results with
The Targeted Assessment

What’s the process of The Tar­get­ed Assess­ment?
After you sub­mit pay­ment, you’ll be direct­ed to a ques­tion­naire so I can learn about your busi­ness.

You’ll receive your ini­tial analy­sis one week after I receive your ques­tion­naire, and a fol­low up from me to sched­ule our phone call.

One week after our call, you’ll receive a check­list with my final design tweaks and enhance­ment sug­ges­tions to help you build trust, cre­ate con­nec­tions with your cus­tomers and look your best.

Invest­ment: $1,500

“I wish I were multi-lingual, so I could praise Reese in every language known to humankind. She’s smart, she’s insightful, she’s clever, she’s resourceful, she’s creative. She delivers on time and on budget — the mark of a true professional. Hire Reese. Hire her again. You will never regret it.”


Please read Client Poli­cies before pur­chas­ing The Tar­get­ed Assess­ment. After pur­chas­ing, you’ll be direct­ed to a page with more infor­ma­tion and a ques­tion­naire about your busi­ness. If you have ques­tions, please email

  • All Tar­get­ed Assess­ments fol­low up phone calls must be sched­uled and com­plet­ed with­in 30 days of pur­chase.
  • Once you have paid for the Tar­get­ed Assess­ment, I’ve reviewed your ques­tion­naire and I’ve sent your ini­tial analy­sis, your pur­chase is non-refund­able.
  • In the rare event your ques­tion­naire indi­cates your busi­ness offer­ing is not a good fit for The Tar­get­ed Assess­ment, I will con­tact you and refund your mon­ey before any fur­ther work is done.
  • You’ll receive an ini­tial analy­sis doc­u­ment before our 30-minute phone call. The call will expand on the find­ings in my analy­sis, and the last 10 min­utes of the call we’ll ded­i­cate to your ques­tions.
  • After your phone call, a fol­low-up list of design enhance­ments will be sent with­in one week of the call, and if you need fur­ther clar­i­fi­ca­tion, I will do so in up to two fol­low-up emails with­in 30 days of your phone call.
  • Phone calls are booked between the hours of 1pm-5pm EST, Mon­day-Fri­day. (East­ern Stan­dard Time, which is New York City time). If you are in Europe, Asia or the Aus­tralia region, we will find a time that works for both of us.
  • If you must can­cel and resched­ule your call time, please noti­fy me 72 hours ahead of time, as the time is being held for you and late can­cel­la­tions will not be resched­uled or refund­ed.

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