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Client Reviews

Monthly Revenue Quintupled
“We found Reese when we were in an emergency to revamp our averagely-done website before a possible big media push and I’m so glad we did!

She walked us through how to increase conversions from top to bottom for each page. We were able to steadily climb from a less than 2% conversion rate to almost a consistent 4% conversion rate (some days hitting 8%). Industry average for our product is about 3-4%. Our monthly revenue went from around $3,000/month to $15,000/month and we sold out of our product.

Our average order value jumped by $8 as well just by adding some key elements Reese suggested.

Our bounce rate also decreased significantly since starting with Reese because improved user flow. From a whopping 80% in January and consistently hovering around 60% in 2018 to dropping in the low 40% range for 2019.

Reese’s work and a combination of amazing facebook ads have really helped take our business to the next level.”

Lori Lefcourt

Insanely smart, caring collaborator
“It’s hard to stand out online. And it’s even harder to build a brand that people believe in.

Reese has been instrumental in helping me to build a trusted brand over the past ten years.

She has a gift for distilling what’s in her clients’ head and heart to create design and branding that sets them apart.

The result is a brand you can be proud of and design that moves your audience.

If you’re lucky enough to work with Reese, you’ll not only get to work with a gifted designer, you will add an insanely smart, caring collaborator to your team.

I’m one of the lucky ones..

Bernadette Jiwa
The Story of telling

Reese asks all the right questions

“To call Reese Spykerman simply a “designer“ is to grossly underestimate her value to the production process. Reese has a unique ability to understand and solve, complex design problems with solutions that align perfectly with her client‘s needs and vision. She is an expert at asking the right questions, and answering them with skill and talent that runs parallel to many top creatives. I have worked with Reese on several projects, and each time she has delivered impeccable value to the production process.”

Joe Hall
Principal Analyst/Founder
Hall Analysis LLC

A trusted part of my business

“I knew that Reese Spykerman was a gun designer. What I did not anticipate is learning from her some of the smartest business processes around. Reese is more than a designer who is very good at what she does; she’s a business expert, a connector, a thinker and best of all, a doer.

The first foray into working with Reese was a process I am still trying to reverse engineer: by gently but professionally asking deliberate and incisive questions, she showed the trained hand of a professional who knew precisely who she would work with well.

She earned my trust by clearly setting out what the milestones and the process would be and then delivering without fail. Working with Reese is so much more than working with a designer; it’s about working with a top design professional who is a trusted part of my business.”

Melissa Kirby
Legal Director & Strategist
Sharpe & Abel

Our book cover design is doing the work for us

“I contacted Reese Spykerman to do my book cover design because of her work on several other marketing and branding covers.

Reese’s design for my cover is doing the work for us. The feedback we’re getting from people is the layout is interesting, and people know the book is going to be a toolbox to help them because of the multitool image on the front. 

There are so many facets to the promotion of a book, and it’s important that all the people involved follow through and deliver when they say they will because there’s money and agreements on the line. Reese came through on the timing and delivery as she promised. My book is selling well, it’s getting me new engagements almost every week, and I will work with Reese again for my next book cover design.”

Emmanuel Probst
Author, Brand Hacks
Vice-President, Kantor

“After getting a design audit report from Reese Spykerman, I felt more empowered. While design isn’t my thing, I absolutely appreciate good design.

I was pleased with how detailed the report was and that she caught discrepancies and inconsistencies that the designer I hired put on the page. The examples given for how design elements trigger specific emotions was very useful to me as a person who thinks in digits vs words.

I am in awe at how Reese pulled the emotions that my design might make people feel. Very insightful. This is all valuable for me especially since I want to increase conversions and this is more or less foreign to me.”

Michelle Mangen
Your Virtual Assistant

“Reese provided valuable insights and tweaks for me to improve my site. She is super easy to talk to, understands my concerns and template limitations, and has a fresh perspective people close to me can’t provide. I highly recommend working with Reese to get new eyes and a thoughtful caring approach that focuses on sales and conversion for your website and online store.”

Catherine Grisez
CG Sculpture & Jewelry

“I wish I were multi-lingual, so I could praise Reese in every language known to humankind. She‘s smart, she's insightful, she‘s clever, she‘s resourceful, she‘s creative. She delivers on time and on budget - the mark of a true professional. Hire Reese. Hire her again. You will never regret it.”

Michele Woodward
Executive Coach

“Reese is a truly exceptional designer. She deeply understands the needs of her market when coming up with websites and e-books. She is a linchpin in her field, and I am proud to work with her.”

Pamela Slim
Speaker, Author and Small Business Strategist

“Reese is more than a designer; she is a strategist who understands the role of persuasive design and how it effects your entire business.”

Chris Guillebeau
NYT Bestselling Author

“I've done two print projects now with Reese, and both came out perfect and a day ahead of schedule.”

John T. Unger
Sculptor & Mosaic Artist

“I've worked with Reese on three different web sites, and each time I've been very pleased with the results. She's got a great eye and lots of patience. I know that I'll use her services for my next project.”

Kelly Schmitt Youngberg

“Hot damn is Reese a goddess. Thanks again for sprinkling your genius all over the first issue!”

Brooke Thomas