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Make a Beautiful Website With Google Fonts

A 10-part Doable Design Series

by Reese Spykerman

Never was the life of the party.

Oh, I tried in college.

But my heart wasn’t in it.

I didn’t know then what I know now: I’m an introvert.

(Can you relate? Let’s talk, just the two of us).

Some fonts are like introverts: quiet, steady, deep.

Image of EB Garamond font

And some are like Beyoncé: they move, they shake. They know how to command attention.

Image of Montserrat font in Beyonce Knowles quote

Websites that use fonts effectively connect with people.

These websites could be characters in a movie, or objects on display in your home. Some are your favorite cozy fuzzy late Autumn sweater. Others are an Iron Maiden t-shirt: loud, proud, and part of a quirky club.

IMage of metal mania font

What if I told you your website could be like this?

That your website could connect with people instantaneously.

That there’s a free design resource that helps you take your website from being flat like Fido’s kibble to addictive like Doritos.

Would you believe this resource is free fonts from Google?

I wrote this series because I know you juggle a mountain of tech and logistics every day. But you also have a flair for style. You want to look good. You also care deeply about creating something that speaks your customer’s lingo.

Introducing Google Fonts: your business’s new bff

Maybe you’ve heard of them. Maybe you even use them on your website right now.

But what if you could use Google fonts to create a better connection with your audience?

To even help you:

  • inspire people
  • build trust
  • sell more of your products or services

When you have the right guidance, Google fonts are a simple way to take your website from meh to MAGICAL.

I’ll break down for you just how to do that.

What you’ll learn in this Google fonts series (design, simplified)

In this series, you’ll learn:

  • How to rapidly sort through 900+ Google fonts (because nobody’s got all day to look at 900 fonts)
  • All about Google’s font categories and why they matter for your brand
  • How to find the perfect headline font that aligns with your brand values
  • How to combine different fonts using my super simple formula
  • How to choose a font for your body copy that keeps people’s eyes on your website
  • Tech tips to get the fonts on your site, and keeping things lean and mean (so your website load time isn’t tanked from overweight font files)

Some of the lessons are short. You can learn at your own pace. Since some of this might be new info, I suggest doing 3 lessons a week. That’s a beautiful website in about a month!

Google fonts gives you a way to add design flair without the specialized skills needed for other kinds of graphics.

This is doable design.

With this series, you’ll be confident that your font choices hit the mark and give you a damn fine website, too.

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